About Us

Our Policy

Although we are a country legal practice, we have considerable expertise in a range of legal topics. More over we have a reputation of being, where needs must, aggressive on behalf of our Clients. On the other hand we are great believers in adopting alternative dispute resolution procedures where this will expeditiously acheive settlements to the Clients satisfaction, reducing the risk of expensive legal costs. We have also adopted a course of action of not forging links with companies, estate agents, banks and finacial institutions, other firms of solicitors and the like so that we have no reluctance in suing on behalf of Clients where necessary.

Your location in the country does not affect our ability to act for you. The map opposite shows just how diverse our catchment area is, and we can prove that distance is an obstical easily overcome in today's technological world. We are also believers in using technology to the advantage of our Clients and Ourselves - as you will gather from our website.

We have a Legal Aid Franchise that indicates our adherence to a quality service that we offer to our Clients. We practice from smart, prominent offices in a pleasant market town with ample parking. We have easy access for the disabled, and in the field of Personal Injury work we will make home/hospital visits within a 50 mile radius if this should prove necessary.

Legal Aid is readily available for those who qualify. There is no differentiation between the service given to those who are in receipt of Legal Aid as opposed to those who may be fee paying Clients on a private basis. For those of our prospective Clients (commercial or non-commercial) who may be fee paying we suspect you will find that our hourly rate is below the hourly charge proposed by firms who practice in large cities and towns.

Finally, it is US who will be PLEASED to act for YOU.